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Baby Navigator

This work focuses on helping parents and professionals identify and act on early signs of ASD

- Parents monitor their child’s development up to 24 months (although website says it is for kids birth-18 months)
- Parents can start screening babies at 9 months using their system
- They can access the 16x16 gesture charts and 16x16 Actions with Objects lookbooks
- They can also access the SoCo (social communication) growth charts
- There are videos of typical development
- All of the resources here are free for families because it is grant funded.
- As parents complete the checklists, the system tells parents immediately if there are no concerns and if there are concerns, families get a message to contact the team at Baby Navigator and a team member will talk parents through what is coming up in the system.
- If the parents want to act on the concerns and learn more, they are invited to access some different resources through Autism Navigator. (* this isn’t in place of a developmental assessment, but it is a way to let parents get going with some specific supports on their own time right away)
If there are no concerns , families who are registered get prompts to come back into the system every 2 months

Autism Navigator

This website is for parents whose child has a diagnosis or are starting to become concerned about their child
- Autism Navigator is a type of intervention
- There are courses for professionals (a quick course for physicians, more detailed for clinicians who want to be trained to provide Autism Navigator as an intervention)
- Providers can be trained to offer it to families and really tailor it specifically to families but families can also move through the courses (called the How To Guide for Families and the webinars. These are live, provided by Dr. Wetherby and her team. Families see video and see them using the strategies.
- Parents can get a code to attend the course for free by attending one webinar or professionals who have taken the training are given codes to give to parents so they can access for free (so professionals pay to be trained, but parents do not – they do need to get a code though to access the course and there are different avenues to do this)
- Families can move through the whole course in about 6 months but are enrolled and can access everything online for a year.
- The intervention itself is very focused on creating specific roles for children within everyday family routines and activities and then making interactions somewhat predictable and then mapping language onto it. (so kind of hybrid of More Than Words and RBM in some ways). It is very much parent led.
- The theoretical underpinning of Autism Navigator is SCERTS (which we have been hearing about for a long time). SCERTS can be used as an intervention for older children. For younger children you may also hear about ESI (Early Social Interaction Project) -- this is basically Autism Navigator and you can consider them one and the same. ESI is the earlier research project. From what I can tell, the First Words Project is a (possibly older) research project that has its own website which seems to link up to the Baby Navigator resources.