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Breastfeeding & Lactation Consultation

Maple Kidz Clinic is proud to be a source of breastfeeding expertise, both with latching and feeding assistance as well as medical management of breastfeeding dyads. We provide non-judgmental, evidence based advice to meet your feeding goals in a way that is supportive and acceptable to you and your family.

Dyads can be seen with valid health cards and with a referral for the breastfeeding infant directed to:
Please fax referrals to 905-303-3035

We believe that the breastfeeding dyad is a unit, so we evaluate and advise on problems that arise and affect either member of the breastfeeding dyad – parent or infant.

Common breastfeeding concerns:

* Learning when your baby is drinking from the breast.

* Breastfeeding premature babies, multiples, twins

* Nipple pain or breast pain, getting a pain free latch!

* Making your feeding sessions more efficient

* Block ducts, blebs, mastitis

* Slow weight gain

* Baby fussing at the breast: pulling off, biting , arching or refusing to latch.

* Is your baby gassy? Colicky?

* Non-latching baby

* Low milk supply or oversupply

* Breastfeeding after breast augmentation or breast reduction

* Supplementing, finding the right method to protect your breastfeeding relationship

* Pumping when returning to work

* Relactation and induction of Lactation without pregnancy (same sex parents, surrogacy or adoption)

* Prenatal appointments

María Romeu, IBCLC

Maria comes from Spain, where she worked as a Dietitian. She moved to Canada where she became a new mom, and after her own struggles in breastfeeding made her expand her nutritional career and switched paths to the Lactation field. Finding the right support helped her breastfeed her daughter for over 3 years.
She trained at the International Breastfeeding Centre- Newman’s clinic, graduated in Lactation Medicine and became an IBCLC.
She recently joined our team. You can find her during a private Lactation and Infant Feeding consultations (in- office or home visits) while also working part time at with Dr Prabhu.
She loves the positive impact that breastfeeding support can have in families lives, also helping families the best way possible if they choose other ways to feed their babies.
Maria has an special interest in Mental Health and she is currently specializing in Perinatal Mental Health & Lactation.

Thanks to her Nutrition and Dietetics professional background, María also helps families to transition to solid foods while breastfeeding or supplementing. She offers a virtual Solid Foods class where guides families how to enjoy this new stage letting their babies being fed by themselves offering real and quality foods.

Maria feels very lucky to work at Maple Kidz Clinic, working in a supportive team together with Dr Prabhu, helping families providing the best care to meet their goals.