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Block Fee

Dear Patients, Parents and Guardians,

At Maple Kidz clinic we strive to provide the best possible care for our patients and their families. Over the past decade, the Ontario government has cut overall healthcare funding and many services have become delisted (no longer covered by OHIP). In order to continue providing you and your children with excellent comprehensive care, we have had to begin charging for these services. In order to provide increased value for our services, we have developed a block free program, which is a simple, affordable annual fee. Some of the services covered by the block fee include:

a) The ability to contact your child’s physician via email to seek out non-emergency medical attention
b) Return to school/daycare letter (from any physician, including during our walk in)
c) Prescription repeats requested via fax
d) Replacement of immunization card
e) Health forms for school, camps
f) Travel Advice

The block fee program is charged annually from the day you sign up. It is not mandatory to join as you can also choose to pay for services as you need them. If your family is facing significant financial hardship, please speak to your doctor to discuss alternative arrangements.
Please note that the block fee does not include the following:

a) Transfer of records
b) Medicolegal reports
c) Invalid health cards
d) Ear piercing
e) Complex medical reports
f) Charges for missed appointments

Please ask our staff for more information.

Thank you!