Welcome Dr. Prabhu!

We are happy to welcome Dr. Pooja Prabhu to our clinic!

As of January 2020, Dr. Prabhu will be joining our practice. She is accepting new patients and breastfeeding consultations.

Dr. Pooja Prabhu is a General Pediatrician with additional interest and experience in Breastfeeding Medicine. Along with her work at Maple Kidz Clinic, she works at the Newman Breastfeeding Clinic at the International Breastfeeding Centre in Toronto. She is committed to helping families meet their own breastfeeding goals without pressure or judgement. She has also completed the CanREACH Mini-Fellowship: Patient-Centered Mental Health in Paediatric Primary Care.

Dr. Prabhu received her medical degree from Washington University in St. Louis and completed her pediatrics residency training at St. Louis Children's Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. Before her move to Ontario, she practiced Emergency Pediatrics at Children's Hospital in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Dr. Prabhu is Board-Certified by the American Board of Pediatrics and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics.


We are pleased to announce that we have received the Flu Shot. Of note, children must be over 6 months of age to be eligible, and the intranasal version of the Flu Shot is not available in Ontario this year.

The Walk-In Flu Shot Clinic dates are listed below, meaning that you do not need an appointment. We do ask that if you would like your child vaccinated on a Saturday that you book an appointment.
If you are here for a regular visit with your physician, ask them if you are eligible for the flu shot.

Wednesday October 9th: 9:00am – 11:30am and 1:00pm – 3:30pm
Tuesday October 15th: 9:00am – 11:30am and 1:00pm – 3:30pm
Wednesday October 16th: 1:00pm – 3:30pm
Thursday October 17th: 1:00pm – 3:30pm
Friday October 18th: 1:00pm – 3:00pm
Tuesday October 22nd: 9:00am – 11:30am and 1:00pm – 3:30pm
Wednesday October 23rd: 1:00pm – 3:30pm
Thursday October 24th: 9:00am – 11:30am and 1:00pm – 3:30pm
Friday October 25th: 1:00pm – 3:00pm
Tuesday October 29th: 9:00am – 11:30am and 1:00pm – 3:30pm
Wednesday October 30th: 1:00pm – 3:30pm
Friday November 1st: 1:00pm – 3:00pm
Wednesday November 6th: 1:00pm – 3:30pm
Wednesday November 20th: 1:00pm – 3:30pm
Wednesday November 27th: 1:00pm – 3:30pm
Wednesday December 4th: 1:00pm – 3:30pm
Wednesday December 11th: 1:00pm – 3:30pm
Wednesday December 18th: 1:00pm – 3:30pm
Monday December 23rd: 9:00am – 11:30am and 1:00pm – 2:30pm
Tuesday December 24th: 9:00am – 11:30am and 1:00pm – 2:30pm
Friday December 27th: 9:00am – 11:30am and 1:00pm – 2:30pm

Thank you and have a healthy flu season!

Facing our Fears!

The Maple Kidz Clinic Staff faced their fears this past weekend by stepping up onto the ledge of the CN Tower and doing the Edge Walk!


Welcome to Maple Kidz Clinic!

The Maple Kidz Clinic was established in Maple in 2007. Our clinic provides primary pediatric care as well as consultations to family physicians and midwives. Dr. Umberto Cellupica and Dr. Saba Merchant are also faculty in the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Toronto and maintain a commitment to teaching medical students and residents. Our philosophy is to provide excellent and up-to-date pediatric care in a kid-friendly environment.

We practice family-centered care and parents are encouraged to participate actively in the management of their child's health care. Our clinic is located in a medical building that has essential ancillary services such as X-ray, Ultrasound, Laboratory, Physiotherapy, Orthotics and a Pharmacy. Patient files are maintained in the form of Electronic Medical Records. We also have electronic access to test results at the Hospital for Sick Children and many other community hospitals and laboratories.

If your child is not a Maple Kidz Clinic Patient but requires a pediatric consultation, please have your family physician fax a referral request to our clinic at (905) 303-3035.

Cancellation / No show Policy

As of January 9, 2019, you must email appointments@maplekidz.ca to cancel or reschedule your scheduled appointment or speak to reception.
*some exceptions may apply

At Maple Kidz Clinic, we strive to accommodate all of our patients' needs. Typically we have fewer available time slots as compared to the demand for these appointments. For this reason, it is a real shame when an appointment slot goes unused because of a late cancellation or because someone does not show up for their appointment. Recently, we have experienced an increase in no-show appointments and for this reason, it has become necessary to implement a Cancellation / No Show Policy.

We kindly ask that you provide at least one full (ie. 24 hours) business day's notice for a cancelled appointment. If the appointment occurs on a Monday at 10 am, we ask that you cancel no later than the previous Friday by 10 am. Similarly, if the appointment is on a Tuesday following a Holiday Monday, the cancellation must be made by the prior Friday at the latest to avoid a cancellation charge.

Regular appointments: $50
Physicals / Medication follow up: $75
Consultation: $150
Consultation follow up: $75

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